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DIBELS® Deep CFOL Workshop

This workshop provides training on the diagnostic assessment, DIBELS Deep: Comprehension, Fluency, and Oral Language (CFOL). The administration and scoring rules are presented. Extensive practice activities and case examples explore the connections between these assessments, DIBELS Next® screening data, classroom instruction, and intervention.

Note: Acadience™ Reading Diagnostic CFOL is the new name for the DIBELS Deep CFOL assessment. The test itself is not changing, only the name. We are currently working on updating this workshop to reflect the new name. In the meantime, portions of the workshop will continue to use the original assessment and measure names. For more information about our new name, click here.

Mentors who complete this workshop can earn an endorsement and will be given access to the DIBELS Deep: CFOL materials to train others.

When you subscribe to the DMG Online Training you receive a 30-day subscription to access video content and other training materials. All prices are in US dollars and on a per-user basis.


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